Jonatan Kłosko
^ that's me and you ended up on my personal website


Happy to be writing to you, I hope I find you in a positive state of mind.

My name is Jonatan, I love drinking tea, watching cats, writing code and solving the Rubik's Cube.


Tea is warm, meaning it has high thermal energy. Ever wondered how? Well it all starts on the Sun, where the gravity is so strong that it causes hydrogen particles to bump into one another and eventually form a new particle - helium - while simultaneously producing energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation (heat). This radiation is in fact a team of pure energy particles called photons and it travels 149,597,870 kilometers to reach the planet Earth. Humans figured many ways to turn this energy into electric power, we call those inventions power stations. I bet solar panels is what comes to your mind, but let's take coal as a less obvious example, it was formed from dead plants decaying into the soil, which plants stored energy obtained directly from the solar radiation in the process of photosynthesis. From there it is quite straightforward - the electric power gets to your house via special lines and powers your kettle, whose job is to transform the electric energy into increased thermal energy of your water. Finally, the tea you drink has a way higher temperature than your body and the system wants to reach thermal equilibrium, hence your body gets warmer. On top of that tea is just tasty, but that's entirely subjective.

Cats are beautiful. There is something majestic in their movement and something wise in their face. They seem to be living a simple life, full of calmness and affirmation. Their sole presence makes some people feel happier and safer, which by itself is quite extraordinary. One interesting fact about those lovely creatures is that due to their physique they can climb great heights, but find it immensely tough to come back down. People could take an inspiration from that, analyze whatever they are approaching then go for it without looking back at the alternatives left behind.

Code is a form of art and so is the resulting product. Both may be aesthetically pleasing and showcase remarkable abilities of the creator. On top of that, software is capable of empowering people to think wider, achieve greater and live better, the point is to create and use it right. For various reasons it's not always the case, so we should make sure the software we use positively affects our life instead of controlling it or being the life itself. As with every technology, the greater the power, the greater the responsibility.

Rubik's Cube is a fascinating object. Seriously, the more you get to know the rules behind it, the more interesting it turns out to be. Every solve is different, both in terms of solution and the execution. One may think that once you know the formula, it's just a redundant task lacking in elegancy and creativity, on the contrary, with proper understanding comes a realization that every mixed up Rubik's Cube is like a blank canvas - waiting for an artist to paint the solution.

I am a pragmatic person, optimistic within the boundaries of realism, focused on the present and looking forward to the future, a fan of logical reasoning, everyday humor, science, peace and persistence.

Whatever happens to us does not define who we are, it's the choices we make that do so. If I were to leave you with a single thought, that would be it.

I am looking forward to enjoying a cup of tea with you one day.